We really love what we do, which in other words is, to match you with a short term furnished apartment that will make you feel at home in NYC!  We know how the process of finding a temporary place feels like; and because of that, we like to be a guiding hand to help you make the right decision.

Some of you may need to find a place right this minute and for that you need a knowledgeable professional who can sort out the best possible option for you very quickly as well as to turn around all paperwork so you can move in the same day. Others may need to be able to work everything at a distance, so trusting your representative’s suggestions is essential. Because we enjoy being part of that solution, our work comes from the heart!

We start by listening attentively to you and asking additional questions that will help us identify your ideal furnished place. Some of you would prefer to be close to work, others will want to experience a fun lifestyle, others may only feel at home in a place that has been recently renovated with modern décor. Even though you are coming to NYC for a short time, we know you want that time to be spent in a place that will give you a homey feeling, for whatever that means to you. We are here for you to make those wishes come true!

We do get a little sad when we do not have the inventory to help some of the lovely people that reach out to us for help. Unfortunately, we cannot find a match for everyone, but we try our best.

Because we care about you, we are always available if there are any issues with the apartment or if there is a delay from the landlord returning the security deposit.

We really want your whole experience in New York to be a happy one!  We know that can only be accomplished by providing our services from a deeply caring and loving place.