We love what we do! We really enjoy helping our clients find a furnished apartment and making sure they are happy throughout their whole stay. Knowing that we can always make someone else life easier when finding a furnished apartment in New York, make us feel great about what we do. 

To accomplish this, we believe that our real work is the work we do on ourselves. The more conscious we become, the more we have to give to others. And that, for us, is real happiness!

We are a community of conscious and aware real estate professionals working continuously on our personal growth, development and expansion while simultaneously focusing on providing the best possible service to all of our clients

An apartment is more than just a physical place in which to live—it is a home where you go to feel safe, peaceful and relaxed. Our extensive knowledge of the market, coupled with our expertise in listening intently to our clients and translating their desires, enables us to find them the best possible home. 

It is our goal  to make sure that our clients are happy throughout their entire stay in their new apartment whether it is temporary or long term. We make ourselves available to help our clients with any issues that may arise during their stay. Additionally, over the last 16 years, we have carefully chosen to work only with those apartment providers, owners, and management companies who have consistently treated our clients with respect and care.