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About the area

The Upper West Side neighborhood (UWS) is located on the Northern West part of Manhattan and it lies between W 59th Street to W 110th Street, and between Central Park and the Hudson River.

It is a very homey residential area surrounded by ornamented brownstones and beautiful pre-war buildings dating from late 19th and 20th century. Its streets are covered by leafy trees and in the warmer weather, the sidewalks display all kind of outdoor seating.

If you are coming to New York for just a few months, this area is the best if you want to experience the city in a quieter scenario, surrounded by trees and parks.

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1. The 1.2,3 lines run along Broadway Avenue and will take you South of Manhattan to different stops on 7th Avenue . The 1 train runs local and stops in all stations. The 2,3 trains run express skipping many stops.

2. The B line runs along Central Park West and will take you South of Manhattan to different stops on 6th Avenue. This train runs only local

3. The C line runs along Central Park West and will take you South of Manhattan to different stops on 8th Avenue.

Note: This area is not ideal when commuting to the East of Manhattan. To go East, you will need to change trains and make subway connections at 42nd and 14th Street.



Central Park:
One of the most advantages of being in the Upper West Side, is that it does not matter where you stay in that area, Central Park is only a few blocks away. Such a beautiful park to walk around, enjoy the lakes, bike, run, even have a few drink with friends or have lunch or dinner in the famous Boathouse or Tavern on the Green.

River Side Park:
On the West Side of this area, next to the Hudson river, you will find the Riverside Park, which starts on 72nd Street and goes all the way to 158th Street. One of the most beautiful things to enjoy in this park, are the amazing sunsets.

The Museum of Natural History is one of the most interesting ones to go to. You will feel a child again!


Who stays here?

The Upper West Side is probably best for anyone who wants to experience New York City from a quieter and more relaxed perspective. This area is great for people that enjoy walking through tree lined streets, likes to enjoy outdoor dining, the street markets, and hang out around Central Park, enjoying a calm neighborhood lifestyle.

Since this area does not have any of the business or institutions that bring people for short term stays, people that choose this area, commute to other parts of Manhattan .