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About the Area

The Upper East Side neighborhood (UES) is located on the Northern East part of Manhattan, between East 59th Street to East 110th Street, and between Central Park and the East River.

This quiet residential area combines beautiful scenery, old charm and glamour, specially on those blocks closer to Central Park. Shopping lovers enjoy the luxurious designer's boutiques located on Madison Avenue and the upscale restaurants around the area.

This neighborhood is a great choice for people who enjoys outdoor running, biking or just walking through the Park.



1. The 4,5,6 lines run along Lexington Avenue until Grand Central at 42nd Street, then they run along Park Avenue. The 6 train runs local and stops in all stations. The 4,5 trains run express skipping many stops.

2. The Q line runs on 2nd Avenue from 96th Street to 72nd Street. This train will take you West of Manhattan to 7th Avenue and 57th Street and then it runs South on Broadway and shifts East to Brooking on Canal Street.

Note: This area is not ideal when commuting every day to West of Manhattan. To go West , you will need to change trains and make subway connections at 42nd or 14th Street.



Amazing Architecture:
The Upper East Side includes beautiful townhouses, luxurious apartment buildings and extravagant mansions.

Central Park:
You can access it from wherever you are in the area, just you may need to walk long avenues if you are staying East of Lexington Ave. Central Park is a beautiful park to walk around, enjoy the lakes, bike around, enjoy your running routine, or just have lunch or dinner in the famous Boathouse restaurant inside the park, which you can walk to using the park entrance at 72nd Street and 5th Avenue.

This area has New York most important museums, especially the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which will keep history and art lovers very busy in their free time.

Carl Schurz Park:
This park is kind of hidden jewel along the East River. It has a nice promenade with beautiful views of the river. This is one of the most dog friendly parks.


Who stays here?

Since this area is home to the best hospitals in the world, people tend to stay in the area for treatments and other medical situations . The New York Presbyterian and Mount Sinai Hospitals are some of the most visited.

This area is also a great place to stay for professionals on temporary assignments in the high end retail stores. It has been the most requested place where retirees, that used to live in New York, want to come back for a couple of months and parents visiting their children and grandsons.

The east side of this neighborhood, tends to be less pricey than other parts of Manhattan, so many students makes their temporary home in this part of town.