Here you are looking for a short term rental in New York City, you are going through many different websites looking at pictures and trying to narrow down the best furnished apartments’ options for you. We know how much time that takes and how crucial it is for those pictures listed on the web to be an honest representation of the actual place. Once you found a few options, now you are ready to view them in person and choose the one you like most. Unfortunately most of the time, that is not the case and you end up starting the process all over again while piling frustration in every new cycle.  You may also fall into the group of people that are far away and not able to personally view any of those apartments you like in pictures. Most likely you expect to have a similar experience as when booking a hotel, but as we know, that is not what usually happens when people arrive at the apartment they reserved in New York City.

Because we know very well the challenges in this industry, we only do business with full transparency. From our website, to every email or conversation, to all specifics for the subject apartment, we make sure that you are fully guided to make the best decision and meet your expectations while in your New York Home.

All pictures in our website are natural photos to give you the best representation of how the apartment really looks like. We shoot at many different angles so when you see it in person, you will see the same you saw on our website. If you are not around to view the place in person, our pictures would show you exactly 

  1. What you could expect to see at your arrival just like many of our clients already have experienced. We have also included several pictures of the building and surroundings to make the website tour as real as possible.

  2. We make sure you know all the costs and fees upfront. Our website shows the actual rental price of every apartment listed, disclosing any other fees involved and which utilities are included in the price. Our real estate commission is stated right there, for you to know in advance the additional cost of working with Lara Group. Once you decide to make the reservation through us, you will experience no surprises; we have already covered all numbers with you!

  3. If we consider something to be negative in the apartment or building you like, such as noise, not much light or a run down hallway, you will know that from us right away. There is no rose without thorns! All apartments we represent are of great quality and nice furnishings, but unfortunately because they are located in the city of New York, they can have their own peculiarities. If you have been in the Big Apple before, you know what we are referring to here. We really want you to be happy throughout your whole stay! Our transparency on all those hidden aspects we learned from previous tenants, will help you know about all thorns so you can really enjoy smelling the rose!