Why would you pay a real estate company a commission if it isn’t for making things easier for you?  

In today’s market, with internet access to almost everything, you can find it all on your own. So it is obvious that unless you get an added value to what you can do by yourself, there would not be a real reason to even talk to a real estate company like ours. We understand that our services are not for everyone. However, if you really need someone to help you find a New York corporate apartment in a professional and speedy manner, you will be very happy to work with Lara Group.

There is an extra cost for our services, so it is our goal to convert that in an extra added value for you. We all know the quote: ‘time is money’, so here we are, to save you so much time that the money paid for our commission becomes a token of appreciation for making the process of finding a short term furnished apartment simple and quick. Yes, we really want our commission to mean a genuine “thank you” from you!  We believe that every transaction should be based on an equal exchange of value honoring your real needs.

Like many things in life, it takes a lot of practice and years of experience to be able to do anything the right way in the most simple and fastest way. Therefore, after more than 15 years working in the corporate housing industry, helping different clients find temporary apartments and being exposed to diverse rental scenarios, we created a structure that allow us to come up with great options in the shortest time period. In addition, having built strong relationships with landlords, we can make things happen in the same day, except weekends.

We have created this website thinking of you, thinking on how to make things easier from the moment you find us online. We know that showing you real pictures and all information upfront is the first step of that process. We want you to feel relieved the moment you find Lara Group! To know that you just found the New York short term rental company you were looking for! As Malcom Gladwell describes in his book ‘Blink’, we all know, subconsciously in an instant, the essence of what we have in front of us. And as you contact our friendly and professional team, you will confirm your gut feeling, seeing what you are looking for right in front of your eyes.

We really enjoy seeing our clients’ big smile when entering the apartment rented  for the fist time!   This is our commitment.