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About the area

Midtown West is located on the middle west side of Manhattan and it lies between 5th Avenue to the Hudson River, and between West 59th Street to Hudson Yards in the 30's (for the purpose of this website)

This are includes Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Columbus Circle which attracts lots of tourists, so it is very busy day and night. The residential part of this neighborhood, Hell's Kitchen, is located west of 8th Avenue. It has several restaurants and bars along 9th Avenue.



1. The 1,2,3 lines run along Broadway Avenue and will take you South of Manhattan to different stops on 7th Avenue. The 1 train runs local and stops in all stations. The 2,3 trains run express skipping many stops.

2. The B,D lines run along 6th Avenue going south and along Central Park West in the Upper West Side. These trains run local in Midtown but will run express at certain points.

3. The F,M lines run along 6th Avenue going south and go east when going north. F train turns east on 57th St and the M train on 53rd St. These trains run local and stop in all stations.

4. The A,C, E lines run along 8th Avenue. The A,C lines will take you north. The E line will turn on W 50th street and go East. A line runs express. C, E lines run local.

Note: Note that the A and D lines will run express from 59th Street all the way to 125th St in one stop!



1. Bryant Park

2. Columbus Circle

3. Rockefeller Center

4. Luxury High-rise buildings with amenities such as outdoor/indoor pool, gym, lounge areas and more

5. Times Square

6. Theater District

7. Penn Station

8. Hudson Yards


Who stays here?

Midtown West is a great neighborhood for people that want to experience the busy New York that never sleeps. With Times Square in its center, people visiting the city, enjoys been walking distance to Broadway shows and different entertainment that this area has to offer.

The lower priced short term furnished apartments are located west of 9th Avenue, where the area becomes a little more residential.

Midtown West is also preferred by corporate professionals on temporary job assignments, who prefer luxury buildings with doorman services while being at walking distance from their work. This area is also a great for parents bringing their kids to internships and prefer the security of several doorman buildings in the area .