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About the area

Midtown East is located on the middle east side of Manhattan and it lies between 5th Avenue and the East River. And between East 59th Street to a not much defined South border, which for the purpose of this website we will use East 30th Street to include the area of Murray Hill, south of Grand Central.

The more residential part of this neighborhood is located east of 3rd Avenue in the 50's and in Murry Hill which is in the 30's. Most of the restaurants are located on 2nd Avenue.

This area is preferred by professionals looking to walk to work, to the United Nations, or to Grand Central to comute upstate. It is also home of people that want to be centrally located.



1. The 4,5,6 run along Lexington Avenue. The 6 train runs local and stops in all stations. The 4,5 trains run express skipping many stops.

2. The M train, with its entrance at 53rd and Lexington/3rd Ave, takes you West and South along 6th Ave.

3. The E train, also with its entrance at 53rd and Lexington/3rd Ave, takes you West and South along 8th Ave.

4. The 7 train with its entrance in Grand Central, at 42nd St and Lexington, takes you all the way West to Hudson Yards at 34th and 11th Avenue. Or East to Queens.

5. The S train (called shuttle), with its entrance in Grand Central, takes you West along 42nd Street to 7th Avenue.



Proximity to everything: The subway hub located at 53rd and Lexington, takes you pretty much everywhere.

United Nations: Located on 1st Avenue between 42nd and 46th Street.

Many large companies have their corporate Headquarters located in this area.

The extraordinary Grand Central Terminal, lying on 42nd St between Lexington and Vanderbilt

5th Avenue Shopping



Who stays here?

Midtown East is mostly chosen by people visiting New York for short periods of time and want to be centrally located, with easy access to other areas. This part of Midtown, specially in the 50's to the east, offers a more residential and quieter feel, while still being at the heart of the city.

This neighborhood attracts many professionals on short term assignments for many of the corporate headquarters located within the area, as well as the United Nations ambassadors attending the General Assembly, and diplomats on temporary projects for the UN and its Missions.