New Listing

Add a new listing

Step 1 - Add a new listing

Click the + icon in the Blog panel to add a new post.

Step 2 - Add description, category (Studio, 1Bedroom, 2 Bedroom) and tag (e.g. Featured)

To add a new apartment listing, click in the Enter a post title... box. The title must be 200 characters or fewer. You can use categories and tags here to organize your blog by subject.


Step 3 - Add thumbnail images

Blog post thumbnails create tiles on grid layouts, and display with the post in some list layouts. If you share your post on social networks that support images, like Facebook, the thumbnail image appears in the post. Squarespace also uses thumbnail images to represent content in various indexed views, such as Summary Blocks.

To add a thumbnail image, click the Options tab and drag your image into the image uploader. Click Save.

Step 4 - Link to listing URL

In the Source URL section, paste the link to the listing following the following syntax, no spaces and no closing quotation marks at the end"target="_blank

Step 5 - Add apartment listing in the Description box

In order for the listing boxes to keep the same dimensions, use

  • italics for the price listing
  • normal font for the description, be sure to keep this to 1-2 lines. If we need more space for this down the line we can adjust the height of the text box.
  • list style to display the listing number


Step 6 - Save or publish

When you’re done editing a post, you can:

  • Click Save to save the entry and keep the post as a draft.
  • Click Save & Publish to save the entry and publish it as a listing.

Home Summary Blocks

Adjusting the Home summary blocks

The summary blocks used on the homepage are set to pull from the categories or tags assigned to them. For example, type in the category or tag of the listing type you're looking to feature in your section. It will auto-populate and display the apartments assigned that particular tag or category.

Currently, the Our Clients' Favorite Furnished Homes section pulls data assigned the Favorite tag. The section titled Corporate Housing Options shows apartments assigned the Corporate tag.