We all look for happiness in life; most of the time we do not realize that happiness is an inner state that we can achieve at any moment if we decide. So we all look for great experiences in our outside world to feel happy. In other words, we can say that we look for positive conditions in our reality so we can experience a sense of peace, joy and happiness. However, because we have little control of those conditions, we have a hard time reaching this state. Real happiness can only be found within us.

However, since we have been able to pretty much take care of all the conditions that would help you experience that sense of peace and joy while in a furnished apartment rented through us, we can say: ‘happiness guaranteed’. Or at least we commit ourselves to do anything possible to help you have a great stay in New York.

By working with full transparency, we make sure that from the beginning you can rely on our guidance; you can relax while we take care of all the details so when you move into your new home, all you are left to do is to enjoy!

We are a real estate company, not the owner/apartment provider of the New York temporary apartment that you will live in. So our job pretty much ends when you sign the short term lease  and check in. This situation, only give us the opportunity to make you happy with the apartment match, but what about the actual relationship with the apartment? As we know, that would not even work in a real personal relationship where the good feeling may only last the first encounter! Therefore, to keep that happy feeling going, we have extended our services beyond the introduction point. All apartment providers  we work with, share our same values and professionally keep the apartments up to date making sure all it is ready for you when moving in. Our amazing long-term relationships with them give us the opportunity to stay with you throughout the whole lease. Yes, we are your point of contact for anything you need while in the apartment rented.

So, can we really make you happy? Well, the answer to that is  up to you. But we are definitely here to make your New York short term  stay as joyous as we can. It is our deepest intention!