What does consciousness mean?

According to Wikipedia Consciousness is the state or quality of awareness, or, of being aware of an external object or something within oneself.

  1. a) awareness or perception of an inward psychological or spiritual fact: intuitively perceived knowledge of something in one's inner self.
    b) inward awareness of an external object, state, or fact.
    c) concerned awareness: INTEREST, CONCERN -- often used with an attributive noun.

  2. the state or activity that is characterized by sensation, emotion, volition, or thought: mind in the broadest possible sense: something in nature that is distinguished from the physical.

  3. the totality in psychology of sensations, perceptions, ideas, attitudes and feelings of which an individual or a group is aware at any given time or within a particular time span.

Therefore we can say that a conscious professional is a person who, in his/her working environment is aware of the people and situations around him/her, and at the same time is aware of the inner self, spiritual and intuitive connection. This type of awareness in the working environment gives a person a different sense of purpose and direction. While being a professional and providing clients the best service, her/inner awareness allows for empathy to take place where there is a deeper care and emotional connection with clients. When we view others as our equals.

What is a conscious professional?

A person, business, or organization who simply lives and does business consciously. With awareness of our actions we make choices which can make a difference in the world!