Lara Group is a New York licensed real estate brokerage firm specializing in furnished apartment rentals in New York since 2001. Our commission is 20% of the total rental period, which includes being your point of contact throughout your whole stay.

Our services include:

  1. Helping you find a furnished apartment in Manhattan, New York, for 30 days or longer.

  2. Our personal support to help you choose the best possible options.

  3. Viewing of the properties in person.

  4. If personal viewing is not available, we provide detail description, pictures and/or virtual viewings or videos.

  5. We submit your application to the apartment providers on your behalf and will provide you with the lease and payment instructions. You will have our confirmation when everything is completed.

  6. Reservations done through our company are 100% guaranteed. No cancellations apply.

  7. After the transaction has been completed, you will have our support throughout your stay for any additional requests or issues in the apartment.


Lara Group started is operations in July 2001. By then, not many business had websites and the New York furnished apartments niche was unattended by most real estate companies. At that time the internet was just starting, so Lara Group saw the opportunity to create a simple website providing clients with real pictures of the apartments, displaying its location and monthly prices, something that today is common practice, but it was not back then.

Throughout the years, our main focus of attention has been to provide our clients with a friendly and personable professional service fully aligned with good ethics and values. We believe that great personal services can only be provided honoring our clients’ needs as a priority and helping them with heart felt intention. In this industry, it is easier to view clients as an opportunity to make money vs and opportunity to be purposely of service to others. We established great relationships with several furnished apartment providers which helps us make the whole process simpler and faster today. We offer a beautiful selection of furnished rentals which that guarantees that every one of our clients will enjoy a happy temporary stay in New York.


The purpose of Lara Group is to help people find beautiful furnished apartments in NYC in the fastest and smoothest way possible. The services provided are in recognition of an equal exchange of value honoring our clients’ needs. All services with Lara Group are based on the understanding that a Unity model provides the best level of services.

We are a Better Business Bureau accredited business


Lara Group BBB Business Review